Wrist It

Wrist It


Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Wrist-it is simple, yet it’s chic and it’s versatile. This wristlet is essentially a travel pouch that can double up as an accessory pouch or for anything else you need handy. It looks so trendy, that you can actually use it as a Clutch for a party you’re going to!

Impact: 8 – 10 less plastics bags!

Dimensions: 9.5” x 7” (l x b)

Available in Non-Glitter & Glitter

Product Details: Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN fabric made of waste plastic from the outside, single compartment pouch with fabric inner lining, zipper and detachable belt on the side to convert the pouch to a wristlet.

  • BlueRed-Glitter
  • Gold-Glitter
  • Pink-Glitter
  • Yellow-Glitter
  • BlueGrey-Glitter
  • Blue-NonGlitter
  • BlueStripes-Glitter
  • BlueYellow-Glitter
  • GreenStripes-NonGlitter
  • MultiColor-Glitter
  • Red-Glitter
  • YellowMix-NonGlitter
  • AquaBlue-Glitter
  • BlackStripes-Glitter
  • BlueSilver-Glitter
  • BlueStripesII-Glitter
  • LightBlue-Glitter
  • Orange-Glitter
  • RedYellow-Glitter
  • WhiteRed-Glitter
  • YellowRed-Glitter
  • YellowWhite-NonGlitter