Hanging Closet(4/5 Pockets)

Hanging Closet(4/5 Pockets)


  • Aqua-NonGlitter
  • BlackGreen-NonGlitter
  • BlackWhiteII-NonGlitter
  • BlackWhite-NonGlitter
  • BlueGreen-NonGlitter
  • BlueMix-NonGlitter
  • Blue-NonGlitter
  • BlueRed-NonGlitter
  • BlueRedStripes-NonGlitter
  • BlueStripes-NonGlitter
  • BlueWhite-NonGlitter
  • BlueYellow-NonGlitter
  • GreenBlue-NonGlitter
  • GreenRed-NonGlitter
  • PinkStripes-NonGlitter
  • RedBlue-NonGlitter
  • RedGreen-NonGlitter
  • Stripes-NonGlitter
  • WhiteBlue-NonGlitter
  • WhiteStripes-NonGlitter
  • YellowBlue-NonGlitter

Need more shelves for your stuff? Simply hang Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Hanging Closet, inside your wardrobe or on any available rod! It will store your clothes, shoes, kids’ toys, towels and a lot more.

Impact: 40 – 45 less plastic bags!

Dimensions: 36” x 11.5” (l x b)

Available in Non-Glitter & Glitter

Product Details: Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN fabric made of waste plastic on the outside and cotton fabric lining on the inside. The structure is made from cardboard and bamboo sticks making it a completely eco-friendly product.

This product has been crafted by hand and may have slight irregularities or imperfections in color.These irregularities are the result of the human involvement in the process and add to the finished products charm while ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece.
There might be a slight variation in the shade of the actual product and the image shown on the screen, due to the screen resolution and photography effects.