3-in-1 Sling-It

3-in-1 Sling-It


  • Gold-Silver
  • PinkYellow-Glitter
  • RedII-Glitter
  • Stripes-NonGlitter
  • WhiteYellow-NonGlitter
  • YellowMix-NonGlitter
  • Yellow-NonGlitter
  • SkyBlue-Glitter
  • Green-Glitter
  • YellowBlue-Glitter

A three-in-one product- a travel or storage pouch, a wrist-it and a sling bag! Wear Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN as you like and make a splash where you go, hands-free!

Impact: 10 less plastics bags!

Dimensions: 11” x 8” (l x b)

Available in Non-Glitter & Glitter

Product Details: Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN fabric made of waste plastic from the outside, single compartment pouch with fabric inner lining, metallic zipper and detachable belts on the side to convert the pouch to a wristlet or a sling bag.