Light Backpack

Light Backpack


True to its name, Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Light Backpack is a comfortable size for a light day at work, college or travel! Keep your essentials – wallet, water bottle and keys and enjoy a handsfree experience while you go about your day or explore new places. Also perfect for bikers and runners!

Impact: 20 – 25 less plastic bags!

Capacity: 4 – 5 kg Dimensions: 13” x 2.5” x 14” (l x b x h)

Available in Non-Glitter & Glitter

Product Details: Aarohana’s UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN fabric made of waste plastic from the outside, adjustable cotton drawstrings at the top and a zipper pocket on the outside.

  • Blue-NonGlitter
  • BlueYellow-NonGlitter
  • Pink-NonGlitter
  • White-NonGlitter
  • Yellow-NonGlitter
  • YellowWhite-NonGlitter