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Being Sustainable

Every individual on this planet wants to survive and persist in the best possible way. For a better living, we all adopt some standards and habits from childhood as per our backgrounds. Some standards like using sanitizer are good but can be affordable by some set of...

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The Search

Since the inception of Aarohana EcoSocial Developments in 2013 and  our UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN products in 2015, we have grown multifold now..from 2 to 24 now!  The first few years went in developing our unique concept of ECOSOCIAL development.. Identifying our...

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Status of Plastic Ban in Maharashtra

As I wait for the signal to turn from red to green, a woman walks up to me and say, “Please buy garbage bags, throwing away trash will be easy for you, since the government has banned plastic bags”.  On 23rd June, the Maharashtra government banned plastic, citing...

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Why upcycled home decor is in high demand?

Things were thrown away and were considered trash after it served its purpose, are now finding its way back into people’s home. People are now looking for options that are more eco-friendly, can give a new twist to their home décor and also to cut down on spending...

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Do you ask Stories behind what you buy?

I grew up in the 1990s when consumerism was growing fast, with the advent of television, media and advertising. I remember our buying choices had also started changing and new brands were entering our home. Like the best advertisement of shampoo and soap by Diana...

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