A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.It is wrong when it tends otherwise.

– Aldo Leopold.

Our Story

In the vicinity of some of our favourite getaways lies an ever-growing heap of dumped plastic waste owing to the rampant industrialization and commercialization. As most flock to these regions to make the best of the “boom” in urban employment, the ridge between the rural society and the industrialized urban India keeps increasing. Does the deteriorating condition of both these societies leave you saddened and agitated? Has the want to be able to help these ecosystems and these people strike you too?

About us

Who Are We?

Aarohana Ecosocial Developments is an endeavour born out of a similar wanting to change the face of our priceless natural surroundings, culture and heritage for better, in the face of rampant commercialization and environmental pollution. Aarohana is the ascending scale of music in Indian classical music. We are an instrument in trying to achieve this “ascend” or rise in the field of sustainable development. Aarohana EcoSocial Developments is a social enterprise, founded on the belief that development can only be sustainable if it is bottom-up! This means, sustainable development is possible only when it begins at the grassroots and involves an empathetic understanding of the other biotic and abiotic communities.

Our two core areas of work namely “Conserving our Environment and Heritage” and “Enabling Rural Livelihoods” are geared to achieve this very model. Through these broad areas, we focus on projects related to waste management, clean energy, education, health, water conservation, sanitation, environment and heritage conservation; and all this through sustainable livelihood generation.

About the Company


We focus on one issue at a time!

Our present focus is that of resolving the issue of waste management, especially that of the non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle waste plastic. Our initiative of ucpcycling waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabric, using our traditional charkha and handloom. Our project is based in a tribal area of India, providing livelihood to tribal women and youth. Finally, the fabric is used to make consumer products such as handbags, accessories, home decor and office utilities.

With our experience, expertise and best-in-class technical associates, Aarohana offers a range of services to satisfy our investors’ and donors’ requirements. Our experiential learning programs are aimed at involving the corporate sector and young minds in this initiative and offering them a one-of-its-kind experience along with a chance to extend their support to the other sections.
We understand that our effort is at a very modest level, but we believe that this can be scaled up with your support. For further information on how you can support us or work with us, do CONTACT US.

Our Vision & Mission



Rising towards EcoSocial Development


UPCYCLING waste to Conserve the environment, Enable rural livelihoods and Create aware citizens of this planet!